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          MIchael was recommended to us as a buyer broker when we were relocatIng as a young famIly wIth a 3-year-old and 3 week old twIns. That fIrst outstandIng experIence, a compIlatIon of patIence, knowledge, and perseverance, developed Into a long-standIng relatIonshIp. He has assIsted In several transactIons sInce then, and was a resource when our son was lookIng to purchase hIs fIrst home. MIchael contInues to grow, both personally and professIonally as a dynamIc force In hIs Industry. We look forward to seeIng what he wIll accomplIsh well Into the future.


          MIchael’s long-tIme clIents

Introduction and Needs Analysis Meeting:

During this time I will help educate you about the process and develop a game plan. I also want to clearly define what is really important to you.

Buyer Agency:

My responsibility in representing you is defined as our fiduciary responsibility. This means I will act for the benefit of you in a relationship founded on trust and confidence. This high standard of conduct includes loyalty, confidentiality, disclosure of any and all material facts, obedience, reasonable skill and care and accountability.

At all times I will act having your best interests in mind.

Conduct an extensive Real Estate Home

Search & Analysis:

I search all available resources to find a match within your price parameters. This process when coupled with the Needs Analysis, will save you time. In fact, it is quite common to find your home during the initial property tour. After all, I start with the best homes first.

Research and Touring Properties:

Based on your expressed needs, I spend days (with adequate notice) researching, filtering through homes on the market, contacting our large data base of agents who often know of a property before it hits the market, researching comps, trends, developments, zoning, listing histories and stats. Whenever possible, (must have a couple of days betIen the needs analysis and the tour date) I strive to set property previews.


My goal is you to buy what you love and love what you buy. I strive to build a life-long relationship with you, deliver gold-medal customer service, protect you and have fun along the way.

Preparing the Purchase Agreement:

I will help you prepare the purchase offer agreement and negotiate the contract. I will also assist you in formulating a market value of the property based on my extensive expertise, actual knowledge of properties that have sold, conditions and time frame in which they sold, etc.


I will assist you by utilizing specific clauses and contingencies to help protect you through the “due diligence” period before you close. This refers to the time frame during which you are applying for a loan, conducting home inspections, title work, insurability of the property, surveys, appraisals, etc.

Negotiating the Purchase Offer, the terms, closing dates, possession, inclusions and concessions:

Negotiate the Inspection and more. This is where a Certified Negotiations Expert is crucial. I negotiate with other agents, sellers, banks, HOA’s, lenders and more. Particularly as challenges or bumps in the road arise, I are your strongest advocate. I fiercely protect my clients and work tirelessly for them- just as I do for my own family. Rest assured that I have developed effective, professional relationships with these other entities just as I strive to in all aspects of life. This includes a proven track record and reputation of not only successfully negotiating with agents and sellers, but with the banks/lenders on foreclosed/REO (bank owned) and short sale properties. This has truly benefitted my clients time and time again.

Consistent Communication, follow up

and follow through:

You will be updated regularly during the entire process: Copying you in on correspondence, ongoing research/homework for you, notifying you of developments and findings, checking in to make sure I are meeting your needs.

I will continually study the market:

Stats; comps; listing histories; supply/demand and ever changing developments locally and nationally. I will keep an eye on the loan process if applicable. I strongly encourage you to secure a certified home inspector and other appropriate professionals. I will be available for the inspections, follow up on the written report and repairs. I will connect you with the title officer, check on the delivery of any HOA docs, assist appraisers with property info and access, contract amendments, extensions before the deadline expires.     

I also work with you, the seller, listing agent, lender and the title company:

to coordinate closing as per my contract, and provide assistance in any possible way during this exciting journey.

Following through on details:

This process has almost become a science in itself. Federal, state and local mandates/laws are making the purchase and sale of Real Estate very complicated. It is my responsibility to make sure the process is complete, accurate and performed according to strict time lines.

The Closing:

Once all the details have been completed, I will guide you through the closing to reach a satisfactory purchase, feeling you have had not only a partner but a true advocate by your side.

"The Follow-On":

It is my sincere desire to not only help you with your home, but to cultivate a friendship over time. You can call on me to help you with present and future real estate, and any other needs - whether a market update or you need help with something else. I’m here to help anytime, not just for the present.

Referrals for you:

Through my experiences, I normally can help you connect with others in the industry such as a roofer or other professional. This does not benefit me. There are no kick-backs or perks- it is against the law. The best part of life is helping one another and enjoying great relationships.

Personal Referrals:

Your trust in me with personal referrals is the highest compliment. I give you my word I will take excellent care of your friends and family.