The Galansky Group supports the LGBTQ Community.

Vacancies are the number one ROI-killer for a rental property. Getting the wrong renter is a close second. The Galansky Group has an unparalleled wealth of experience in Denver rental property leasing… locating qualified tenants, and placing them quickly into rental properties that match their needs. Not surprisingly, this process takes a tremendous amount of resource and know-how.

Our services are not for everyone; we are very selective and stringent in our overall property rental approach. We do not simply rent homes to anyone and everyone, rather we offer, “Rental Opportunities”, to qualified potential tenants who are very interested in living in and maintaining a true home.

We also promise to address all of the areas and aspects of your property before allowing a tenant to rent it. Our ambition is to ultimately better serve you by conducting our business on the home and with the new tenant in the same manner that you would do yourself. By doing this, we take all of the work and effort off of your shoulders so that you can simply enjoy the benefits of owning a rental property investment.

Our process begins with detailed inspections of the home. We then identify and rectify any problems before we place a tenant in your home. This saves you time and money in the long run. Routine inspections and maintenance will continue to be performed on the home to ensure that it does not depreciate in quality and value.

Property Management Services

This core service ensures that your rental property is managed to the highest standards during the rental cycle. Where most PM firms simply collect rent and oversee maintenance, The Galansky Group better serves the owner by conducting frequent detailed inspections with detailed owner reports, and performing upfront maintenance on many areas that are often neglected. Regularly scheduled maintenance on all area the require routine care.

Our property management services include:

          Personal 9-touch” inspection system” ensures property maintained as a home (typically 6 physical drive-by's and internal presence 3 times per year)

          No Maintenance Markups!  We only hire the best of the best in each maintenance discipline.  We pass our considerable purchasing power straight on to your bottom line... all receipts provided

          All monthly rents are sent directly to the owners via direct debt / ACH payments or bill pay set by us with the tenant. We monitor the monthly payments and use strict enforcement for collection and late charges.

          Detailed quarterly or monthly management statements as necessary.

          Ongoing communications with owners to notify of property conditions, protection recommendations and other local issues

          Rental renewal notices to tenants

          Delivery and tracking of Pay or Quit notices when warranted

          Manage eviction proceedings if necessary- thru a retained law firm that specializes in that process.

          Resident maintenance requests via phone, text and email.

          Assure rental property compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws

          Detailed Resident check-out process, where we hold Resident accountable to high standards for maintenance during their stay

          Financial and Reporting

This is also included in our base Property Management service. Our group utilizes the industry’s most advanced property management software to ensure that our owners enjoy the most cutting-edge tools and resources for maximizing ROI.

Even with that, software alone is not enough. Our property management administrators have accounting backgrounds and place a careful human eye on every report, mailing and analysis generated by the systems.  

          Detailed accounting for all rents, expenses and security deposits

          All deposits are maintained in a Trust account as required by state real estate regulations

          Timely disbursement of funds to owner with detailed monthly or quarterly statements

          Concise end-of-year statement provided for tax purposes categorizing all income and expenses.

          Copies of all work orders and receipts are kept on file throughout the year, and are available by request

Property Leasing Services

Our Leasing service begins with cutting-edge marketing:

          Property inspection and market analysis to help determine the appropriate lease rate for the property. We are always on the forefront of rental trends and market conditions in order to ensure maximal rental income.

     •     High-impact, multi-faceted property marketing:

     o     Professional marketing and with cutting edge look / systems. A  tremendous amount of time on creating the perfect high-impact ad that captures to strengths and personality of the property... This further ensures we attract the right type of Resident for the home

     o     Comprehensive web-based marketing, such as, RentVine, Google Base, Craigslist, RentalHouses, Yahoo, Oodle, and Vast

     o     Newspaper advertising (optional)

     o     Special direct marketing programs

     o     Realtor referral networks

     o     Our “A RENTAL OPPORTUNITY” signs separate us from the usual rentals and is placed at your property... not a plastic throwaway. This sign also features a sign rider with an exclusive web address for the property – which takes the prospective tenant to a virtual tour design just for each rental

     o     This virtual tour also provides you and us with a comprehensive photographic inventory of the property for future claims for security deposit deductions or other actions as necessary.

Our Leasing service then concludes with the industry’s most comprehensive 'Lease-up’ process:

          Personally interview all qualified Applicants

          Detailed employment, credit, criminal, sex offender and rental background checks

          Reference checks from previous landlords, employers and possibly county records

          Prepare and administer lease documents, including all disclosures, lead based paint, mold, house rules, etc.

          Detailed walk-through of the property prior to Resident occupancy

          Inspection Report for Residents to sign

          Collect first month’s rent and place security deposit in FDIC-insured Trust account

          Discuss late payment penalties and implications of lease violation

          Notify tenants of rent increases and other assessments

          Maintain open communication to ensure good will