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What Should I Expect? 


From the Galansky Group, you can expect a comprehensive marketing campaign that is suited to the high value of your home. We provide an innovative approach to create and publish a marketing message with superior impact, that permeates the Internet where today’s buyers are. Each of our listings presents with a customized plan using email, video and social media platforms. We create a marketing presentation that tells a compelling story of your home, illustrating its unique value and features to invite potential home buyers to view it further.  


Maximize the Net Proceeds

One thing matters most to the Galansky Group: to help you maximize the net proceeds you receive from your home’s sale.

We produce marketing tools that guide the perceptions of prospective buyers, giving them a clear understanding of the value of your residence.  


The Critical First Impression

We create a compelling story to intrigue buyers to view your home. We bring your home to life online!

If a home buyer's first impression of the value of your home is based upon what they see online... It had better be a pretty compelling story about your home's character and quality.


Don't Miss an Opportunity to Attract Buyers! Our Marketing Will Make Your Home Stand Out.


We Educate Potential Buyers

We discuss the home’s unique features and their benefit to you as a buyer.


Compare For Yourself

Frequently buyers become frustrated on the Internet because most real estate property “Virtual Tours” look essentially the same.

Realtors, as a whole, are notorious for flocking to the more economical standardized tools offered en-masse to their industry.


We Produce Custom Marketing


The Galansky group creates custom marketing to each property capturing the essence of the home. We not only market properties, but educate potential buyers about the benefits of the home’s features. Our marketing highlights unique features of each home separating it from the crowd!


Why Is It so Important?


Today, home buyers decide their next steps by what they view online. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.


Technology and Social Media

The Galansky Group uses digital marketing that appears on popular social media sites. Compelling content, cutting edge photos and well-crafted property descriptions bring these materials to life. It is as close to being there as you can get! Creativity and aesthetic appeal describe the posts and marketing material used by The Galansky Group for state-of-the-art marketing.

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